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  • What is ELIXIX Card?
    Elixix Card is a digital business card, a modern and technological form of the traditional paper business card. Instead of being printed on paper, a digital business card exists in electronic format and can be shared and viewed on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Here are some key features of digital business cards: Electronic format : They can be created as image files, PDFs, or through specialized online platforms that offer interactive templates and designs. Shareability : They are easily shareable via email, messages, messaging apps or by scanning a QR code. Interactivity : Unlike paper business cards, digital business cards can include interactive elements such as links to websites, videos, maps, or even buttons to call directly or send an email. Eco-friendly : Being completely digital, these cards eliminate the need to use paper, thus reducing the ecological footprint. Easily Updated : If your contact information changes, you can update your digital business card without having to reprint and redistribute hundreds of paper cards. Customization : With the variety of tools and platforms available, you can customize your digital business cards in great detail, including animations, advanced graphics, and much more. Storage : It's easier to store and manage a digital business card collection than a paper one. There are apps and software that help you organize and search digital business cards efficiently. Despite its many benefits, the transition from traditional to digital business cards may require a cultural shift, as some people and industries may still prefer or expect physical form. However, with the increase in digitalization and growing environmental awareness, digital business cards are becoming more and more popular.
    ELIXIX CARD is a digital business card that uses both QR code and NFC (Near Field Communication) combining two technologies to allow the sharing of information quickly and conveniently. Let's see how both technologies work in this context: QR Code: Generation : Using various online tools or platforms, you can generate a QR code that links to your digital profile, website, contact page or any other content you want to share. Print or Display : Even though we are talking about digital business cards, the QR code can be shown on your smartphone screen or, in some cases, printed on promotional materials, such as brochures or billboards. Scanning : A person who wants to get your information can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone camera. Most modern smartphones have the ability to read QR codes directly from the standard camera or via specific apps. Redirection : Once the QR code is scanned, the user's smartphone can be redirected to a web page, download a vCard file, show text or perform other predefined actions. NFC: Embedding : An NFC chip is embedded in the digital business card or in any other object you want to use as a card (it can be a plastic card, a key ring, etc.). Programming : The NFC chip is programmed to contain your contact information or to redirect to a specific link, such as your digital profile or website. Sharing : When someone brings their NFC-enabled device (like a smartphone) close to your NFC-enabled business card, the device reads the information on the chip. Viewing : The information is then displayed on the user's device, which could be a vCard, a link to a web page, or any other content you wish to share. Combined benefits: Versatility : While the QR code requires active scanning, NFC works via proximity, offering two convenient ways to share information. Greater coverage : While almost all smartphones can scan the QR code, not all of them have NFC capabilities. Having both options on your business card ensures broader coverage. In summary, a digital business card with QR code and NFC offers a modern, efficient and interactive way to share your professional information.
  • How can I personalize my Elixix Card?
    You can customize your Elixix Card using our dedicated online platform. You'll be able to choose the design, add your contact details, connect your social media profiles and further customize with multimedia if you wish.
  • What information can I include on my Elixix Card?
    You can include information such as your name, title, company, email address, phone number and address. Additionally, you can link to your social media profiles, share your business website, and add other information relevant to your professional network.
  • How can I share my Elixix Card with others?
    You can share your Elixix Card in several ways. You can display the QR code on your device to allow others to scan it with their cameras. Alternatively, if you have NFC, you can simply hold your device close to theirs to share your data.
  • Can I update the information on my Elixix Card in the future?
    Yes, you can easily update your Elixix Card information via our online platform. If you have changed your contact details or want to make other changes, simply make the changes in your digital Elixix Card.
  • Can I share my Elixix Card with anyone?
    Yes, you can share your Elixix Card with anyone, as long as they have a compatible device to receive the information. It's a versatile way to share your professional information with contacts, clients or prospects.
  • Is my Elixix Card safe?
    Yes, your Elixix Card is secure. The data is transmitted in an encrypted manner, ensuring the privacy of your contact information and other details. You can control who has access to your information.
  • What advantages does the Elixix Card offer compared to traditional business cards?
    The Elixix Card offers a number of benefits, including the ability to quickly and efficiently share your information, versatility in the inclusion of multimedia content, eco-sustainability thanks to the elimination of paper and ease of management and updating of information.
  • Can I use the Elixix Card on any device?
    Yes, the Elixix Card is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. You can share and view it on any device with a camera or NFC technology.
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