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The Elixix Personalized Card is the quintessence of individuality and professional elegance. Made with durable PVC, this card offers an unparalleled opportunity to express your identity in a unique and memorable way.


SKU: 364215376135190
  • Personalized Elixix Card - The Unique Expression of Your Professional Style

    Our Personalized Elixix Card is the emblem of individuality and elegance, combining refined design with extraordinary performance. Discover its distinctive features:

    Custom Size: With a standard width of 54 mm and a length of 86 mm, the size of the Custom Card fits perfectly into wallets and card holders, maintaining the convenience of a traditional business card.

    Excellent Materials: Made with durable PVC, the Personalized Card offers a premium touch. Your custom artwork comes to life against a quality background, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.

    Total Creative Freedom: The real magic of the Personalized Card is your ability to shape it as you wish. Upload your own unique graphics or work with our team of graphic designers to create a style that uniquely reflects your professional identity.

    Precision Printing: Your custom graphics are printed with the utmost precision and quality. Every detail stands out clearly, giving a professional and distinctive look to your card.

    Professional Versatility: Suitable for every sector and profession, the Personalized Card is the perfect accessory to make a style statement in any professional context.

    How to Get It:

    • Upload Your Own Graphics: Upload your custom graphics during the checkout process, bringing your creative vision to life.

    • Work with Our Graphic Designers: If you prefer a professional touch, our team of graphic designers is at your disposal. They will work with you to create a card that stands out for its originality and style.

    The Elixix Personalized Card is the ideal choice for those looking to leave a lasting impression, expressing their individuality in every professional meeting.

    Make every exchange an opportunity to leave your mark with the Elixix Personalized Card.

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