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Elixix Gold - Excellence in the art of digital business cards. With an elegant mirrored gold finish and our satin white logo, Elixix Gold is the symbol of prestige and distinction. The traditional dimensions of a business card, 54 mm x 86 mm x 1.7 mm, blend with modernity thanks to NFC technology and the personalized QR code. Take your corporate image to the next level with Elixix Gold.


SKU: 364215376135192
  • Elixix Gold - Digital Business Card in Mirrored Gold with NFC Technology and Personalized QR Code

    The Elixix Gold is the epitome of elegance in the world of digital business cards, with exclusive features that make it a product of the highest level. Specifications include:

    Measurements: With a width of 54 mm and a length of 86 mm, the dimensions of the Elixix Gold are those of a normal business card, ensuring maximum convenience in use and transport.

    Material: Crafted from luxurious mirrored gold, the Elixix Gold catches the eye with its stunning design. Our logo is printed in satin white, creating a unique contrast that expresses elegance and prestige.

    NFC technology: Equipped with NFC technology, the Elixix Gold allows the rapid transfer of your information to all NFC compatible devices. With a simple tap, you can share your contacts and business data with ease.

    Personalized QR Code: Each Elixix Gold is a unique work of art, with a personalized QR code located on the back. This QR code connects you directly to your private page, where you can further customize your ticket to your tastes.

    The Elixix Gold is much more than just a business card; it's a statement of style and success in the business world. If you want to make a lasting impression, the Elixix Gold is the perfect choice.

    For more details or to place an order, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help you make an unmatched style statement with the Elixix Gold.

    Choose Elixix Gold to stand out from the crowd and reach new heights in business networking.

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